Friday, January 13, 2006

Homeschool Homebase

It is finally happening, our choices of where to live are pried loose from the income question of where to work. School and credit debt to the rescue. The acceptance letters to law schools are carpet bombing our hamlet here where I've lived for seemingly forever. It's about time that we wade through the toys and laundry and diapers and go claim a life for ourselves outside the sunny freeways of LA. My partner / husband is launching a new career in law, and I am blinking like a deer in headlights of a drunk driver. With laundry quarters in my hand. This is fabulous, let me tell you, because the feeling of stuckness up to now sucks. Especially when the license to be a fantastic full- time cool mom, always has felt on the brink of being revoked by bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, homeschooling has become a very enticing option to continue living life to the fullest with the kids, who are the most fabulous free spirited natural wonders in our lives. Once you run the education marathon and look around the public and private schools in Los Angeles, the best of the best costing about 16,ooo a year for elementary school, all of them except the fantastic Play Mountain Place taking very young children for the better portion of the day, you start to wonder what the hell education is all about. I for one am wondering what the hell life is all about because I no longer can earn enough money to fund the choices I want to make for my kids to make up to them the fact that I'm shipping them off to school or a nanny or childcare for the whole day. So I stay at home, live hand to mouth, and plot out this next step:

homeschooling on student loans.